Reseller List

Updated date: 08-Oct-2020

No Company Name HQ Office Support Area Remarks URL
1 NTT DATA (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand
2 C.S.I.(Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand - Thailand site:
- Japan site:
3 Thai Nakamura Advance Solution Thailand Thailand
4 G-ABLE Co., LTD. Thailand Thailand
5 PT. NTT DATA Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia
7 PT. SAKURA MITRA PERDANA Indonesia Indonesia
8 PT Abyor International Indonesia Indonesia
9 PT Syntech Mitra Integrasi Indonesia Indonesia  
10 PT. NTT Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia  
11 NTT DATA Vietnam Co., Ltd. Vietnam Vietnam
12 HPT Vietnam Corporation  Vietnam Vietnam
13 RUNSYSTEM Company Vietnam Vietnam
14 NTT Ltd (Vietnam) Vietnam Vietnam
15 Thuan Thien Phat P.E.I Co., Ltd Vietnam Vietnam
16 HiPT Vietnam Vietnam  
17 Focus Vietnam Vietnam  
18 VSI Vietnam Vietnam  
19 PERP Vietnam Vietnam  
20 NTT DATA Myanmar Co.,Ltd. Yangon,Myanmar Myanmar
21 NTT DATA Philippines, Inc. Philippines Philippines
22 NTT DATA MALAYSIA Sdn Bhd  Malaysia Malaysia
23 NTT DATA Singapore PTE Ltd Singapore Singapore
24 NTT DATA Taiwan Co., Ltd Taiwan Taiwan
25 NTT DATA Services Operations BV-Korea Branch South Korea South Korea  
26 NTT Data (China) Co., Ltd. China China
27 NTT DATA(中国)信息技術有限公司
China China
28 AXIO(SHANGHAI)Corporation China China
29 CYOLAB PTE.LTD. Singapore Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines (※) Please check "List of supported countries”
30 JAST TECHNIQUES PTE. LTD. Singapore Singapore
31 DOCOMO Europe Limited UK Europe
32 Newton Information Technology Ltd. UK Europe

33 itelligence AG Germany Europe, Americas, Asia, Pacific
34 NTT DATA Deutschland GmbH Germany Germany
35 NTT DATA Romania Romania Romania
36 everis Spain Europe, Americas
37 NTT DATA INTELLINK Corporation Japan Europe, USA, India
(※) Please check "List of supported countries”
38 NTT Communications Russia Russia Russia  
39 Axcell Egypt Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman (※) Please check "List of supported countries”